Who Is Lauren G. Foster Anyway? 

 We all think we are alone in our quirks and eccentricities, but these are what make us unique and possibly not as alone as we think. So...  here are some of mine. 

  • I have known since the age of 13 that my purpose in life is to share love, joy and freedom. 
  • I've been trying to learn Spanish for 7 years and I will NEVER give up. 
  • I am an International Best-selling Author but feel weird saying that as I was one of 20 authors in the book. "The Art and Truth of Transformation for Women". 
  • I am a published author of my own beloved book "Happy and Free on Purpose". (I don't feel weird saying that).  
  • I own every season of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and watch them frequently. 
  • I own every Harry Potter Book in hard cover and Kindle and re-read them frequently. 
  • My five cats are allowed anywhere, even on the kitchen table and counter. (mostly because I can't stop them. I clean a lot. :-) )
  • It took me 10 years to get my Bachelor's degree, but I did it! (If there was a degree for fun I would have had that in the first 2) 
  • I was raised Baptist and still have a twinge every time I channel or use Tarot cards that God is going to strike me dead. 
  • Most of what I learned about witchcraft and magic came from Nora Roberts novels. 
  • I avoid wearing shoes or a bra as often as possible. 
  • My outside bathtub is actually a watering trough for livestock. 
  • I re-invented the term Happiness Coach. 
  • I am known in my family for creating elaborate beauty and self-care rituals. 
  • I make my own skin care products. 
  • I am a Primal Health Coach. (Whole, real foods. No grains. Easy and delicious :-) ) 
  • I have a very complicated relationship with nicotine, caffeine and alcohol. 
  • My last intimate relationship ended in 2013.
  • I have three best friends that I have known for more than 20 years. 
  • I meditate, journal and channel (or some combination thereof) every single day. 
  • My highest value is Freedom. 
  • I am very easily amused and laugh all the time. 
  • I love to travel and meet new people and have new experiences AND I love being sequestered in my mountain cabin. Pretty much equally. It's a problem. :-). 
  • I have never been satisfied with my weight -  well maybe a day or two here and there.  

I could go on and on with strange and weird facts about me but you've probably learned enough. 

My absolute favorite thing to do in this life is to tune into Caleb and my highest self and intuition (all of those are the same thing in fact) and to help others to be connected to their own wisdom and power. 

In my eagerness to be a better and better teacher and coach, I invest time and money in myself and my education and continue to learn and grow.  I have earned certifications as a Life Mastery Consultant and Dream Builder Coach from Mary Morrissey's Life Mastery Institute. I trained with davidji (author of "Secrets of Meditation" and meditation guru) to become a Certified Masters of Wisdom and Meditation Teacher. I'm certified as a Primal Health Coach from Mark Sisson's Primal Health Coach Institute. I continue to seek out teachers and leaders to help me grow in my own life and in my business. 

All of this to say that I am deeply committed to my mission and devoted to becoming even more connected, an ever clearer channel of love and understanding; a greater servant to the cause of love, happiness and freedom on this planet.

We are all meant to be happy and free and I am so in love with my part in spreading this message.

I've been teaching and coaching and creating courses and happiness tools since 2014 and can't WAIT to see what you and I create together. 

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I see you. I know you. I love you. 


Ways to Work With Me

Private Conversation with Caleb

For a limited time, these sessions are just $97! This is an intimate hour spent on Zoom, having your questions answered by me and my Celestial Team of Spirit Guides known as Caleb. It's coaching, it's messages from Source, it's pure love and support to help you to know your power, understand your own wisdom and to trust your intuition. You'll love this and we'll love spending this time with you! Give yourself this wonderful gift today. 

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Monthly Group Conversations With Caleb

 Every month we choose a special date, or maybe just a Wednesday to gather together and celebrate our divinity in Conversations With Caleb. We always begin with a short ceremony and meditation and then answer your questions. For a limited time, these gatherings are available for a donation of $22 - $55. Sessions are limited to 30 people and questions are answered in the order they are sent. So don't wait! Choose your date and get registered today! 

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Now Enrolling Founding Students and Lifetime Members

Happy and Free Academy will be the last school you ever need enroll in for creating the life of your dreams. We will address every part of your life, the whole woman: your spiritual connection; your relationships with people, with money, with your body; the ways you move in the world. The first 12 women to enter this circle will receive lifetime access to all of the materials in this growing program, free access to all future programs including incredible retreats and in person events. This is SO exciting. To learn more and have your "audition" call, just click and schedule! I can't wait to connect with you, hear your story and see if you are one of the magic 13. I love you!  

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Get Your Autographed Copy of Happy and Free on Purpose! 

This book will teach you how to fall in love with your life as it currently is and be in love with the dreams you are creating. There is ALWAYS a “bright” side, and with practice you will learn to find it easily and automatically.

What does it mean to be happy and free on purpose? It means that you know you get to choose and you use that power. You live where you want to live, do work you love to do and generate money in the amounts you want. You feel great in your body, connected and in touch and knowing the right things to do to maximize your health and beauty and vitality. You are moving forward through inspired action, totally in love with your life right now and completely excited about the great things to come. 

You have the gift of recognizing and reveling in small things. You watch with awe and delight as the world seems to line up for you, you see the evidence that things are always working out for your good. You feel loved and supported and connected to your source. 

You want everything you want – the loving relationship, fulfilling work, abundant money, vibrant health, and the freedom to do and be and create in any way you like – because you think you will be happier when you have it. The great news is that you never have to wait for these things – you can be happy now! You can learn how to choose happiness first, and then just watch as your desires start to show up in your life.

It’s good to want things. It’s part of your purpose to keep expanding and growing and becoming a better and better version of yourself. Your purpose is joy, so embrace it and start choosing it, today!

Through 12/31/22, while supplies last, receive a free copy of "The Art and Truth of Transformation for Women" with your purchase. 

This makes a wonderful gift!  

The Rest of The Story...

If you would love to hear my story in a little more detail (about 8 minutes), here you go! 
Please know, happiness and freedom and power are your birthright and are right at your door, waiting for you to open up and let them in. I love you so much! 


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