A Personal Invitation from The Celestial Team of Spirit Guides, known as Caleb. Let's talk! 

 Hello, we are Caleb. The Celestial Team of Spirit Guides, speaking through our messenger Lauren.

Each and every time we gather together there is so much wisdom shared between who we are, who you are, and the loving participation of our messenger, Lauren. Your questions are always so profound and meaningful and of use to every person in attendance. We love this opportunity to be with you and to help you experience the feeling of full connection with your own highest selves, with your source, with who you really are.

Our greatest wish for you is that you embody this experience and remember this feeling and take it with you into your day and your life, knowing that you are a powerful creator and that this human life can be exactly as you want it to be.

We love you so much and we are honored to be with you on this beautiful journey.

Ceremony and ritual make for beauty and mindfulness on this human journey so you will share in a beautiful, centering and bonding ceremony with our channel Lauren. After that we will introduce ourselves more fully and share the most important messages that the universe has for you as a group on this day.  

Then we will be so honored and willing to answer your questions and enter into conversation with you as an individual. There is no topic that is off limits, there is nothing that we can't answer. We have access to all infinite intelligence, the souls of all who have ever been, every thought that has been thought. And we love you so much and are thrilled to be able to provide you with guidance and love, support and encouragement in developing your own clear channel. We are available to all. We are spirit, we are divine love, we are here for each and every one of you in every moment. This gathering can be seen as an open door for you to learn what it feels like to communicate directly with spirit. You can then use this gift of this new knowledge to learn to have this connection for yourself, in any moment, all throughout your life.

We very much look forward to spending this time with you and raising the vibration of the world together. 

Until then. 


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Conversations with Caleb - Gratitude

Grounding, centering and presenting Meditation, followed by an introduction and bonding presentation by Caleb. Then Caleb will answer all of your questions.









Meet Our Messenger, Lauren

Hi! I'm Lauren. Since 2014 I've been exploring all the ways that I can help women today live in happiness and freedom and it's a beautiful path.

In 2021 I attended a channeling workshop with Sarah Landon, hosted by Mike Dooley. I'm interested in EVERYTHING spiritual, this was one of my, "how cool is this" explorations, and I began to practice channeling sporadically, whenever I got the urge. Gradually, all of my guided meditations became channeled and I started getting even more intrigued and interested in this process. For a long time, I asked my spirit guides for a name and the answer was always.... silence.

Finally, they were more clear and said "your busy and skeptical mind will not accept and believe any name we give you. You're not ready." So I worked on softening my mind, being more open and allowing, showing that I had trust, faith and belief and a week or so later I asked again. The answer was "Caleb".

Just as they predicted, I didn't 100% believe, but then the name Caleb began to show up everywhere I looked. Every book, video, website, TV show, Caleb Caleb Caleb until I said, "ok! It's nice to meet you, Caleb." And my connection began to rapidly get clearer and clearer, easier and easier. 

I devoted myself to opening more and more to the messages of the Universe, doing automatic writing every day and practicing with anyone who would play with me. 

And I am in LOVE! In love with the feeling of relaxing and just letting the love and wisdom of my amazing spiritual team flow free. 

Now I'm having so much fun sharing these messages with the world. 

Would you love to have a Conversation with Caleb? 

So exciting! 

I can't wait to meet you and share this beautiful journey with you! Much love!


* Special thanks and love for the beautiful photos, courtesy of Heather Braden.


Would you love to have a Conversation With Caleb? 

Choose the price that you feel called to pay and register now! You'll be able to submit your question by email or in person during the celebration. We will answer as many questions as possible in our 90 minutes together and they will be answered in order, so don't wait! Get registered, email your question, and get ready for a magical gathering of like minded people and the beautiful, loving wisdom of Caleb. 

There's a special bonus of 50% off a private conversation with Caleb if you choose the magical transformation price of $55. 

We love you so much and can't wait to spend this time together. 

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What is it like to have a Conversation With Caleb? 

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Sandra Hurd

I had an amazing session with Caleb. Lauren has an amazing ability to communicate to the Universal source through Caleb. I felt the conversation was tapped into me and was so clear about all of my questions. I felt uplifted, joyous, full of clarity and direction after our conversation. The pieces are continuing to come together in my knowing. Each day I’m stepping forward more. I am so grateful to Lauren for bringing this wisdom of love and light from the infinite Source of All through Caleb.

Esther Piszczek

"I am so grateful for the time I spent with Lauren G. Foster and her guides Caleb. I felt comfortable asking questions that had been on my mind for years. I had asked other humans these questions and never received an answer that felt true to me until I encountered Caleb. The information that flowed from Caleb through Lauren as a channel allowed me to shift my perspective with gentle awareness. I highly recommend Lauren as an intuitive guide and channel."

Cecille Sebastian

I had a session with Caleb. It was beautiful, deep, and I felt so connected to Source Energy during the session. I was deeply touched by Caleb's message that I was in tears and felt my body the whole time. I was present and felt peace. Grateful for the session and Caleb's message

Maggie R MacIndoe

I have personally enjoyed several messages from Caleb and Lauren.
They were poignant, inspiring, loving, and encouraging. Lauren has a beautiful kind voice that immediately brought me into a connection with the Divine.
Caleb’s messages came through clearly and invited my deeper self to dive into a further exploration of my question.
I highly recommend these messages from Caleb and Lauren for uplifting your own well-being.

Eden Saint-Clair

“Working with Caleb is an open hearted experience of encouragement. There is a distinct aura of hope that one can drink in and be nourished by. Caleb brings the medicine of joy, spiritual collaboration, and support for anyone who is willing to be in genuine inquiry for living their most fulfilled life.”

Cecilia Rohlmeier

I feel so blessed to have had Lauren channel Caleb for me. My question was, "How can I connect with my Mom who's in spirit?". It was cute when Lauren started answering, "Well, I'm not a good spirit channeler" and then Caleb took over!
Some wonderful tools were presented to me that really resonated.
I am humbled by Lauren's giving soul. She always comes from the heart. 
Thank you Lauren and Caleb 💗

A preview of Conversations with Caleb, our first group gathering...   

Some of the questions answered in this episode....

  • What channeling is and what it means to me (Lauren).
  • Who is Caleb?
  • How can I really sit in stillness and allow healing? 
  • How do I find the next chapter in life?
  • What is next for me? (spoiler - Caleb will almost never answer this.) 

What is the question your heart most wants an answer for? Join us and share in the wisdom of Caleb and your highest self! 

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One event, sliding scale pricing.

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